Lisbeth is a nurse healer and energy magnet. Her enthusiasm for life is palpable and when you are around her, you can’t help but be inspired.  In fact, the number one thing that people say about her is that she is inspiring.

She has been an exercise and health maven since her youth and was startled when she noticed sometime in her late 30’s that she did not have as much energy or joy in life and career as she had in previous years.

Next came physical manifestations and down the rabbit hole she went. Her energy was spent meeting with doctors, taking pills, and struggling with the feeling that something was missing.

Her quest for healing and to feel whole guided her through self-discovery that entailed:

  1. certification to become a yoga teacher;
  2. an integrative nutrition coach;
  3. a “B” schooler; 
  4. holistic stress management instructor; and
  5. currently furthering her studies in Carol Tuttle’s, “Energy Healer’s Mastery Program.”

Her journey has been full of ahas and the most recent aha has come from learning why she always self-sabotaged opportunities when they were presented to her. She learned it has to do with the energetic imprint she acquired sometime between the ages of birth to age eight. This is the period in which a person establishes their beliefs about themselves and how they fit in the world and what they need to be safe.

Carol Tuttle teaches that the predominant energy type that you are born with is often masked by the life experiences and those influencing your life between the ages of birth and eight. This misinterpretation leads you to believe that you must express yourself and your energy in a way that is directly opposite of what your natural born energy type is. For example, Lisbeth was often told that she was too loud.

She experienced two pretty major events between age four and eight. It all makes sense to her now. She was hit by a car when she was four on Christmas Eve at the airport in Richmond, Virginia and suffered four skull fractures. She was traveling to see her grandparents for Christmas. Since Lisbeth’s natural energy type is swift and bold, she was all over the place and certainly not listening to her uncle telling her to hold his hand while they walked to the car. Luckily, she did not have any cognitive or physical side effects, however, the emotional and energetic imprint it left was profound. Several years later her parents divorced. Due to these experiences and the associated emotions, the message and programming that she absorbed was, that in order for her to feel safe or get attention is that she had to be sick and to refrain from being so loud and bold.

Lisbeth gave up fear in 2012, but her energetic imprint and programming that she received as a child to not be so bold and outspoken was keeping her stuck. Even though, she had given up fear she could not step up in the bold way that is her true nature because she was still running that old programming and mindset in the background that she was not supposed to be that way! Now that she knows her predominant energy type and why she was feeling and acting a certain way all those years, she has been able to release and clear that from her mindset and energy pathways. She now has access to her highest good and believe not only that she is worth it, but that what she desires is hers for the receiving.

It is difficult for her to describe her transformation with words, but two that feel right are that she feels free and abundant for the first time ever. She feels worthy and deserving. She can tell by how she feels in her body and by the opportunities that are presenting in spades that she has raised her vibrational frequency exponentially. You can not put a price on that. That folks is where the MAGIC happens, on the high end of the vibrational spectrum.

They say when you don’t have what you need, that is when you start to do the work. All of the work that Lisbeth did was important, but by far, the biggest takeaway for her is  that EVERY SINGLE THING is energy and interconnects and impacts your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. When you understand your own energy and can clear old patterns, your life will transform quickly.

Lisbeth has been a registered nurse for seventeen years and has gratitude for what the profession has taught her. It has taught her that you can not give away what you don’t have and that to be a powerful healer you must model what you preach and work from a place of integrity and very clear boundaries. 

The journey has been rocky and uber enlightening. This time has allowed her to heal in the most holistic way for her at exactly the right time. She lives fully and in confidence that she is owning her unique gifts in a way that aligns with her energy style and has created the life she always dreamed of.

Abundance, joy, and freedom are your birthright. No one can take that away from you. You hold the key. Stop keeping your gifts from the world because you too are running an old program that no longer serves you.

If my story resonates with you, and you feel stuck I want to talk to you. You were born to thrive and suffering is not the only choice. Your fullest potential and most abundant life is waiting.

Connect with me today.  Simply complete the contact form below or call me at 347-766-8773. You may not feel like you matter now, but after connecting with me you may have a different perspective. Everyone needs someone that has your back. Your life can only get better from here. I can guide you.