Nurse Boss-a blog series for nurses


Welcome to the 4th installment of Nurse Boss. A blog series dedicated to nurses.

I was guided to create this series after a spark of creativity within my soul felt that it would help thousands of nurses.

My hope is that these interviews will ignite a spark in you or stir your inner landscape in a way that propels you to dream big and go after what it is that you desire in life and career.

A Nurse Boss is a nurse who has created a lifestyle that aligns their passion with their natural gifts and energy style in a way that helps others while also honoring their own body, mind, and soul. A nurse boss walks their talk and they are open to receive the abundance that is theirs.

I am delighted to introduce Carol Ebert RN, BSN, MA, CHES, CWP. We, like many others, were brought together through social media. Once we connected, it became clear that we had many similar interests and I am grateful for our new found connection. I trust that you will enjoy Carol’s interview that is chock-full of resources and provides great insight into the diversity of nursing and what is possible as a nurse.

Carol Ebert explains her career –Carol’s video

1. What are you doing now?

For the past 12 years I have had my own wellness business as a solo-preneur in collaboration with other like-minded wellness experts who are doing the same thing.  We have teamed up with Dr. Christiane Northrup OBGYN, best selling women’s health author and international speaker, Dr. Mehmet Oz, USANA Health Sciences as our product partner and follow a direct selling business model for revenue generation.  My business strategies include education, training, public speaking, health consultations and wellness coaching.

  1. Did you always have the desire to do what you are doing now or did someone or something create a spark in you that made you realize this was your calling?

I began my nursing career as a Navy Nurse because I wanted to do something different. When I returned to civilian life realized that bedside nursing was not for me. I was frustrated with taking care of sick people when I knew much of what ailed them could have been prevented.  So I shifted to school nursing where I found great joy in being around healthy people and being able to teach them how to stay healthy.  This was the spark that led me to a master’s degree in health education and my career path shifted into education, prevention and wellness.

  1. Why is nursing a great launchpad for nurses who want to create their own lifestyle doing what they love?

Having a nursing degree is the best foundation to have if you want more variety in your career.  Here are the positions I have held because I was a nurse.Navy Nurse – Hospital Medical Nurse – School Nurse – College Health Service Director – Private Duty Nurse – Clinical Instructor for University Nursing Students – Hospital Patient Education Coordinator – Hospital Nursing Inservice Coordinator – Hospital CPR Coordinator – Hospital Community Health Educator – Outreach Health Educator for Businesses – Medical Center Wellness Coordinator – Wellness Business Owner

  1. What is the ultimate characteristic of a nurse boss?

Being a positive role model for wellness and a champion for others’ success

  1. What was the biggest obstacle you’ve faced to get to where you are now? How were you able to overcome it.

I always held the belief that I was not smart enough to pursue a master’s degree. I come from a family of scholars and never thought I measured up to their intellectual capacity.  During my career as a school nurse I was taking health education courses at the local university just for fun and to use up my GI Bill.  My nurse supervisor who was pursuing her masters in health education at that time encouraged me to take some extra courses so I could also complete a masters.  I said I could never get a masters – I’m not smart enough.  She told me that was ridiculous and said I could do anything I wanted.  And so I completed the course work, passed my comprehensive exams and graduated.  She challenged my “false belief” and I made it through. I have never used that excuse again and as a coach I now challenge other’s false beliefs as well.

  1. What does your current  job allow you to do that traditional nursing did not?

Because I am my own boss I control my time, I control what work I choose to do, how and when I choose to do my work and with whom I choose to work.  Having freedom and control over my destiny is now very important to me, so I would never return to the confines of a traditional nursing job.

  1. For nurses who feel stuck in their careers what words of wisdom do you have to help inspire them to break out of their status quo.

Awareness is the first step.  Recognize that you feel stuck, stop complaining and take action. Determine what your true passion is and create some goals around finding out how to pursue that passion.  If you can’t just quit your job, create a 3-5 year plan so you can make a gradual transition.  If you just can’t seem to get started, hire a coach (like me!) to help you sort it all out.  It is much easier, more efficient and gets you to where you want to get faster.  Plus having a supportive cheerleader by your side thru the transition is much more fun!

  1. What resources can you share with nurses wanting to explore creating their own gig that actually pays them?

Reach out to nurses doing what you want to do and ask them how they did it. Google independent nurse’s websites, nursing blogs, and nursing organizations that resonate with you. Connect with nursing groups on LinkedIN like: Nurse Entrepreneurs, Nursing Beyond the Bedside, and Entrepreneurial Nurse.

Now for fun:

  1. What book or publication is currently on your nightstand?

Eat Fat and Get Thin By Dr. Mark Hyman.  How fat got a bad rap and now we are “good” fat deprived.  This is an up and coming issue in the fight against runaway obesity and Diabetes.  This is the kind of “fun” reading I do because I have such a passion for wellness!

  1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?


  1. How can we get in touch with you?

Carol Ebert RN, MA, CHES, CWP Certified Wellness Practitioner and Coach Trainer, Certified Nutrition Advisor, Sanoviv Medical Institute 

507-313-4515 Carol’s website– wellness services

Carol and Usana– product partner

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