Nurse Boss-a blog series for nurses


Welcome to the 3rd installment of Nurse Boss. A blog series dedicated to nurses.

I was guided to create this series after a spark of creativity within my soul felt that it would help thousands of nurses.

My hope is that these interviews will ignite a spark in you or stir your inner landscape in a way that propels you to dream big and go after what it is that you desire in life and career.

A Nurse Boss is a nurse who has created a lifestyle that aligns their passion with their natural gifts and energy style in a way that helps others while also honoring their own body, mind, and soul. A nurse boss walks their talk and they are open to receive the abundance that is theirs.

I would like to introduce Anne Taylor. She is a nurse that I had the pleasure of connecting with on LinkedIN. It’s amazing how your vibe really does attract your tribe! I absolutely love her story and how she turned pain and suffering into healing for herself, her family, and now others. The ultimate example of a Nurse Boss!   


1. What are you doing now?

I am the CEO of Scandic Health llc. We stream MusiCure-music as medicine to hospitals, clinic and the likes. At this moment I am in conversations with nurses and hospital administrators to peak their interest to MusiCure. Coming to the market with something completely new has its challenges.

2. Did you always have the desire to do what you are doing now or did someone or something create a spark in you that made you realize this was your calling?

I went to nursing school in Copenhagen Denmark, and really enjoyed being a nurse. I married my American husband in 1999 and moved to Miami Beach and started my US- nursing career. It was not so easy as it sounds, I worked as an assistant to the RN while I was studying for the NCLEX. I spoke English but not nursing English, it was a very difficult year but looking back it was a year where I learned a lot personally and professionally.

My spark to start my own company comes from a very painful time in my life when my daughter was extremely ill with anxiety and depression. She was 9 years old and so very ill that she needed hospitalization, our whole family was in a state of shock and pain. My mother came from Denmark to help out and she brought us our first MusiCure cd, she had bought it at the pharmacy as an over the counter medication.

MusiCure quickly became a daily part of our routine, it felt like my heart rate slowed down and my breathing was more calm. It was like a release deep within my soul, I saw my daughter sleep better and be able to relax and slowly enjoy life again. My daughter slowly got better and we as a family got stronger. At my very lowest I remember thinking I either do not tell anybody because mental illness has such a stigma or I stand up and share our story and hopefully inspire others. We lost friends and gained some new ones and I also started to use MusiCure in my practice as a nurse.

It was a slow process but after 2 years of having MusiCure heal us I knew I had to create some kind of platform to share. Scandic Health is named after my Scandinavian roots and health is to honor my daughter’s recovery.

3. Why is nursing a great launchpad for nurses who want to create their own lifestyle doing what they love?

Before I started nursing school I was told nursing is like a ladder, nursing has so many steps and can take you in so many directions. I do not know of any other profession where you can travel the world working, change working hours depending on your families’ needs and have such a huge impact on other people.

4. What is the ultimate characteristic of a nurse boss?

Compassion and ability to keep the nursing team engaged, we are stronger together and nurses need to have each other’s back every shift.

5. What was the biggest obstacle you’ve faced to get to where you are now? How were you able to overcome it.

I have had so many obstacles but they are also who I am today. A Norwegian nurse theorist Kari Martinsen talks about nurses as having “backpacks of knowledge” they carry with them through life and collects more on their way. Mine consists of my parents divorce, leaving my roots and moving to the US and my daughter’s illness.

Obstacles can also be life lessons even though they surely do not feel like it when you are in the eye of the storm. My biggest obstacle is by far my daughter’s fight back to a happy life and our family learning a new way of living by limiting stress and enjoying the moment.

I do not know if I overcame this obstacle, I more rode through it and came out wiser on the other end.

Time, give your self time.

6. What does your current  job allow you to do that traditional nursing did not?

I want to write a 30 min lunch break and bathroom breaks ☺

But on a serious note, it’s really about that I can now concentrate about my passion and share my story. As much as it scares me to do public speaking, I also feel empowered afterwards. I count my blessings each holiday I am off and able to spend with my family.

7. For nurses who feel stuck in their careers what words of wisdom do you have to help inspire them to break out of their status quo.

A nurse can only care for patients if she/he takes care of themselves first. I had to learn this the hard way. Please listen to your body when it tries to talk to you. If you have a desire to break out, take small steps and follow your deep nurse intuition cause it’s there, trust me.

8. What resources can you share with nurses wanting to explore creating their own gig that actually pays them?

Passion and authenticity is real and raw, other people will listen since its not selling, it’s sharing your story. Start small, one thought will lead to the next. It’s all a process. I talked out loud for many months to friends and family, their advice and encouragement got me to the point of a business plan. Rome was not built in one day and this is a process and each step teaches you something. LinkedIN has been a huge resource for me, I have gotten amazing contacts, like you ☺ 

Now for fun:

9. What book or publication is currently on your nightstand?

The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende and the Mindful magazine.

10. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?


11. How can we get in touch with you

My website is and my email is

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